March                  6          Sunday           50 shot Offhand at 200 yards.
April                     3          Sunday           80 shot Regional Match Course
May                      1          Sunday           80 shot Regional Match Course
June                    5          Sunday           80 shot Regional Match Course
July                      3          Sunday           80 shot Regional Match Course
September         4          Sunday           80 shot Regional Match Course
October               2          Sunday           80 shot Regional Match Course


Saturday May 7 and October 1, 8AM Sign-up. 60 shot "3x600 yd" Match at 300 yd on MR-63 targets. Fire 3 20-shot relays of 20 min. each with 2 sighters. Use any gun with any sights. Fees $10.00. No Prizes paid out.

All NRA Matches: Registration starts at 7:00 AM, Shooting starts at 9:00 AM. Fees: 50 shot matches $20.00   80 shot matches $20.00
Copies of the programs for these shoots are available from the sec/treas and on the web site

2016  Low-stress, Action Pistol Matches  -  NOT N.R.A. Approved
January  9                Saturday                               February 6             Saturday
March 12                   Saturday                               April  9                    Saturday
May   14                     Saturday                              June   11                 Saturday
July  9                        Saturday                              August   13    Saturday
September  10         Saturday                              October  8       Saturday
November   5           Saturday                              December  3   Saturday

The  pistol match has two stages, fired from two different shooting  positions; one with 3 silhouettes and one with 6 elastomer (plastic) 8"  disks. Both are fired at 7 yards. The shooter fires 18 shots total;  using three magazines of 6 rounds each. In the first stage the shooter  fires 12 shots : 2 each at 3 silhouettes, reloads, and again 2 each at 3  silhouettes. In the second stage, after a reload, the shooter fires 6  shots; 1 each at 6 disks. Score is time, in seconds, plus penalty  seconds for misses. FEE is $5 for 3 rounds of 18 shots each. This  includes any side matches we have time for after the regular shoot ends.  Any safe handgun with three magazines or speed loaders is allowed.  Round of flat nose bullets only are permitted with the NEWBOLD disks.  Center fire handguns are recommended; .22 caliber handguns are allowed  (but you won't be compared with the center fire shooters).

Firing starts at 9:00AM for all matches.
         2016  Smallbore Rifle Matches
If you would like to schedule and run additional matches, click on the "H. P. Duties" button to see what is involved with running the high power matches.
General Information:

   ****    Alcohol on Club Property is prohibited.    ****

Cold soft drinks and drinking water are available on the range. Bring your own lunch.

The range officer will be authorized to reduce the match in shots or yardage due to range conditions.  Refunds of match fees will be made as needed.
Lodging:   There are many motels and campgrounds in the area. You should check Local listings or call for assistance if you need lodging while in the area. The two closest motels to the range are:

Hillside Motel    610-582-2144
Rt 422 West Douglassville, PA 19518
Directions to Range:   From the north, west or south, get onto the West Shore Bypass (Rt 422) around Reading and head east toward Pottstown/Philadelphia. (Routes 222 north and south of Reading Rt 422 west of Reading and Rt 176 all access this bypass.) Proceed east to where this bypass rejoins Rt 422 Business in Exeter and get into the left lane. There is a traffic light within one block at 47th Street. Turn left onto De-Moss St. from one of the two left turn lanes. Go to the second traffic light at Gibraltar Road (about two blocks). Turn left onto Gibralter Road and follow for 0.5 miles to Shelbourne Road at a 4 way stop intersection. Cross Shelbourne, and the street becomes Pennsylvania Ave. Follow Pa Ave. for 0.9 miles where it dead ends on Schoffers Road. Turn left and URC is on your right in a little over 150 yds. There are signs at the entrance.

From the east or northeast, you can approach the area westbound on Rt 562 or Rt 422. From rt 422 westbound, go to Shellbourne Road (this is 3 traffic lights past Douglassville and just before the old Reading Country Club). Turn right onto Shelbourne and go to the 4 way stop intersection at the Gibralter/Pennsylvania Ave intersection mentioned above. Turn right onto PA Ave and continue to Schoffers Road as above.

If you come into the area on westbound Rt 562, head west past Stonersville and come almost into Jacksonwald. About 0.2 miles before you get to Jacksonwald you will see Smecks Villa Restaurant on the north side of 562. At this point, Schoffers Road enters Rt 562 from the left. Turn left and follow Schoffers Road. URC will be on your left in about a mile. Watch for University Rifle Club signs.

Also try the Directions link at the top of the page (ECO).
Click for Reading, PA Forecast
For those of you who have and use e-mail and want these shoot announcements, your score, tournament results and other information via e-mail, please e-mail your address to Joel Sokoloff at LSOKOLOF@PTD.NET. We will be using an Excel program to keep the shoot statistics so it will help if you include your mailing sddress, NRA number, High Power classification and whether you are shooting a service or match rifle together with your e-mail address. Your e-mail address will only be used to exchange HP Match information, nothing else. Thanks.
Time:   Registration at 7:00 AM. Firing will commence at 9:00 AM.
Offhand matches:   50 shot, 500 agg., fired at 200 yd on SR target. Two (2) sighters and 25 shots for record in 27 min., then scoring duties, then 2 sighters and 25 shots for record in 27 minutes.   There will be a 3 min. prep period before each 25 shot string.
80 Shot matches:   80 shot matches are 800 aggregate and are fired on SR targets at200 yd., SR-3 targets at 300 yds., and the MR-63 600 yd. target reduced for 300 yards.

Match #1 -3 min prep period, 200 yds, 2 sighters and 20 shot for record in 22 minutes, offhand, slow fire on an SR target.
Match #2 -3 min prep period, 200 yds, 2 sighters in 2 min and 2-10 shot strings, sitting or kneeling from standing. Time 60 sec per string with 1 reload, rapid fire on SR target.
Match #3 -3 min prep period, 300 yds, 2 sighters in. 2 min and 2-10 shot strings prone from standing. Time 70 sec per string with 1 reload, rapid fire on SR-target.
Match #4 –3 min prep period, 300 yds, 2 sighters and 20 shots for record in 22 minutes, prone, slow fire on reduced target MR-63.
Match #5 -Grand aggregate of matches 1 through 4

Awards:   Awards will be given as follows:   Match Winner,   1st in each class of 5 to 9 shooters,   2nd in each class of 10 to 14 shooters,   3rd in each class of 15 or more,   Less than 5 shooters in a class will be moved to next higher class.

Duties:   All competitors will be required to perform scoring and pit duties. Failure to do so will be grounds for disqualification.

Click on the button "PRACTICAL MULTIGUN PDF" to look over our new match.
Planned for the 4th weekend of the month.

Match Schedules
50 yd & 100 yd – OUTDOOR – PRONE – 800 AGG – Any Sight
Apr 30, May 28, Jun 25, Jul 30, Aug 27, Sep 24, Oct 29
(Last Saturday morning of each month)

Place:                    University Rifle Club, 550 Schoffers Road, Reading, PA 19606-9150

Contact:                Gerard Castry, 215-723-7972 or email: gcssa10@comcast.net
Sign-up:                Pre-registration required by E-mail to gcssa10@comcast.net.
Time:                    Sign-up begins at 8:00 am the day of the match. Shooting begins at 9:00 am.
Matches held rain or shine since firing points are covered
Fee:                       All matches $15.00 entry fee.
Competition:         Open to all shooters.including F class. (Club membership not required.)
Rules:                   Current NRA Smallbore Rifle rules apply. (NOT an NRA sanctioned match)
Rifles Allowed:     Any .22 lr rifle, any sight, single load only.
                             Semi-auto style rifles allowed (single load only).
Course of Fire:     All stages fired in prone position. All matches are 800 aggregate.

MATCH 150 yd20 rounds prone – 20 minutes – unlimited sighters
MATCH 250 ydSame as Match 1
MATCH 3100 ydSame as Match 1
MATCH 4100 ydSame as Match 1
MATCH 5Aggregate of Matches 1, 2, 3 & 4

General Rules:     Bring clips to hang targets.

1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month  ---   5PM until dark.