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Low-stress, Action Pistol Matches – NOT N.R.A. Approved

See the club calendar for match dates.

The action pistol match has two stages, fired from two different shooting positions; one with 3 silhouettes and one with 6 elastomer (plastic) 8″ disks. Both are fired at 7 yards. The shooter fires 18 shots total; using three magazines of 6 rounds each. In the first stage the shooter fires 12 shots : 2 each at 3 silhouettes, reloads, and again 2 each at 3 silhouettes. In the second stage, after a reload, the shooter fires 6 shots; 1 each at 6 disks. Score is time, in seconds, plus penalty seconds for misses. FEE is $10 for 3 rounds of 18 shots each. This includes any side matches we have time for after the regular shoot ends. Any safe handgun with three magazines or speed loaders is allowed. Round of flat nose bullets only are permitted with the NEWBOLD disks. Center fire handguns are recommended; .22 caliber handguns are allowed (but you won’t be compared with the center fire shooters).

Firing starts at 9:00AM for all matches. Head over to the signup sheet to enter and pay the match fees.