University Rifle PRO-AM Tactical Precision Rifle Shoot

University Rifle PRO-AM Tactical Precision Rifle Shoot

University Rifle PRO-AM Tactical Precision Rifle Shoot

Date/Time Fees Location
All Day
$30 University Rifle Club
Match Director Contact Info
Rick Ellwanger 215-852-8847, [email protected]

Pro shooter is any shooter that has shot in three or more matches will partner with an AM or armature shooter.

Recommended rifles centerfire either bolt action or semi-auto capable of 1 MOA.

Optical sights should have target or tactical adjustable knobs. Ballistic style reticle recommended (Mil dot, mil-rad, MOA, ballistic drop etc) .
Recommended Ammunition count: 120 rds

Other recommended gear: Ear and Eye Protection; Bipod or tactical pack to shoot from prone; squeeze bag or sand sock; shooting mat; Spotting scope; laser range finder; notebook and pencil/pen

General Shoot Description:
Shooters in general will be allowed to spot and coach for each other unless specified by the stage director. Shooter teams will be given the stage of fire and time limit. For most stages the time limit will be total for both shooters. Unless directed by the stage director it will be up to the team as to which shooter shoots the stage first. For example the Pro may opt to shoot first to allow the Am to see how to run the stage.

Stage Designs:
Generally there several types of stages. These can include standard NRA positions (Standing, kneeling, prone); movers; several alternative firing positions requiring shooter to move short distances; The shoot will have from 6 to 8 stages.

Targets: Steel, paper, reactive (clay pigeons, balloons ect)

Scoring: Steel hits will be called by spotter as “IMPACT” Misses will not be called, paper will be scored by rules of the stage, reactive by hits.

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