Tactical Action Program

The Action shooting program is designed to incorporate 3 gun or multi gun, Combat/Tactical and Precision Tactical/DMR rifle shoots. These matches routinely include scenarios and target arrays based on moving, use of cover, and non- standard firing positions. The matches are scored by several methods based on best time, time limits, hits as well as reactive steel targets. Most matches include several firearms usually pistol, shotgun and a rifle/carbine and or a precision rifle. Shooters are often required to move carrying their spare ammunition and secondary firearms while negotiating the course of fire. While the levels of experience and skills are varied among the shooters we encourage the new shooter to participate, learn and most of all HAVE A GOOD TIME. While many of the shooters will have high end “competition” gear and weapons, the basic gear will allow the new shooter to be very successful. A new shooter can come to the match with a Glock 17 9mm, a pump or semi auto shotgun and a centerfire carbine/rifle, at least 3 magazines per weapon and HAVE A BLAST!!. In addition you will need a holster for your pistol and a way to securely carry the extra magazines and ammunition as well as ear/eye protection. The starter tactical gear can be as simple as a surplus GI load bearing vest or ammo pouches. In addition normally during “Combat/Tactical matches a sling will be required for at least the carbine if not the shotgun to safely carry the long guns through a stage of the shoot.

The 3 gun or multi gun shoots are more based on a “Game” competition framework where the scenarios are a little less “crazy” and more standardized. These stages often go very fast and SPEED is the key. Well placed fast shots are important but often the speed of reloading, especially the shotgun, is often what decides the winner.

Precision/DMR/RECCE shoots are based on longer range engagements (Range capability 600 yards), precision targets, moving targets, timed engagements as well as limited round counts. These scenarios are based on tactical marksman/sniper situations. Shooters will often be required to not only shoot from the normal positions of prone, sitting kneeling and standing but improvised positions to adapt to non-standard cover or shooting platforms. Normally the shoots are conducted with either high capacity precision semi auto or tactical bolt action rifles. In addition some shoots may require a “Team” with a spotter/shooter paring. These shoots are designed to expand the tactical shooters skill set such as range determination, target identification, multiple target engagement and on occasion use and employment of camouflage.

Normally the shoots consist of 3-4 stages. Typically the shooters are divided into 2 to 3 groups allowing the courses to be fired all at once while in a round robin fashion. This allows the shoot to progress faster. It’s recommended that shooters bring water, snacks/lunch as the shoots start at 900 (sign up at 800) and usually run all day with a clean up after the match. Often the Combat shoots host lunch which often results in good conversation and an opportunity for newer shooters to learn from the more “Salty” competitors.

Recommended Equipment and Ammunition:


  • Centerfire pistol: semi auto or revolver 9mm or larger
  • Shotgun: pump or semi auto 20 gauge or larger
  • Carbine: Semi auto AR 15/AK/Mini 14 ect
  • DMR: Scoped Semi auto rifle .223 .308 ect Bipod allowed
  • RECCE Carbine: .223 scoped optics up to 6X NO BIPOD ALLOWED
  • Precision Rifle: Scoped bolt action or Semi auto capable of 1 MOA


  • Pistol double stack (Glock, Sig, Beretta ect) 2-3
  • Pistol single stack (1911) 4-5
  • DMR/RECCE/Rifle/Carbine: 2-3 (30 rd) 4-5 20 rd
  • Precision Rifle: 2-3 5rd/10rd

Ammunition: Recommended (Specific shoot ammunition if special will be noted on shoot flier)

  • Pistol: 100 rds
  • Shotgun: 50 rds 7 ½ – 4 shot; 20 rds Buckshot OO – 4; 10 rds rifle slug
  • Carbine: 100 – 150 rds
  • DMR/Precision: 60-100 rds



This ammunition while permitted at University Rifle Club is not allowed during shoots/matches as it is unsafe to fire on the steel targets as well as caused excessive wear and damage to the targets themselves.


Other recommended gear:

  • Optic sights for carbine either “Red Dot” or magnified usually 1-4 or 1-6 with some type of ballistic reticle (mil-dot, ballistic matched)
  • Shotgun shell caddy/shell holder/speed loader
  • Bi-pod
  • Good sling
  • Dump bag for saved mags, extra ammo
  • Cleaning kit/rod
  • Shooting cart or wagon to carry gear/ammo/water for transporting extra gear between stages and from car

DMR/Precision Rifle Shoots

  • Bi-pod
  • Spotting scope/binoculars
  • Shooting mat
  • Data book
  • Pencil/pens
  • calculator
  • Squeeze bag
  • Wind gauge
  • Back pack